2 pears 1 zipper - Glass

Stephanie Chubbuck

My series of surrealist figurative fruit combines imagery drawn from traditional still life paintings and figure sculpture. The pairing of materials that are both organic and industrial, illustrates my fascination with the rough edges human nature, and the physical body.

I refer to these works as figurative because although they literally embody the shape of pears, and peaches, they imply physical and emotional humanity. Exquisite exaltation and agony often exist together in response to the processes of life and are far more than the sum of their discordant parts.

My illustrations of these conditions employ the fruit as personification. Glass is chosen for its’ sensual surface, with added industrial elements such as zippers, or hardware that are utilized as an embellishment.

The objects further imply a dual identity as at first glance the objects appear to enticing and simply conventionally beautiful. This seduction is imperative as the viewer further examines the pieces and a more specific psychology is revealed by visually combining the organic with the imposed, the soft and the hard, the natural and the commercial, a conceptual transformation takes place. My objective is to elicit recognition of corporeal and emotional conditions that are unsettling, erotic, humorous, enticing, or a combination of these things.

The deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA
The Fidelity Collection, Boston, MA
The Hyatt Regency, Cambridge, MA
Simon Corporation, chestnut Hill, MA

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