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Robert Burch

Robert Burch is a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in glass art, who has been living and working in Seattle for the past four years.  He uses Seattle as a jumping-off point to continue making and expanding relationships with other artists around the world.  At present, he primarily works for Martin Blank, deepening his knowledge of glass art in all aspects, from producing large-scale works to composing many intricate parts into a singular piece.

This intimate knowledge of process can be seen in Robert’s work, incorporating detailed elements with larger pieces that require hours of meticulous attention into one complex sculpture.  Inspired by previous generations of glassblowers and his own contemporaries, Robert Burch strives to create work that comments on the global impact humans have on the Earth.  Although glass is part of his day-to-day work, keeping in contact with metal, paint, personal photography and woodwork ensures his focus doesn’t become narrow and limited.

Teaching is key in solidifying one’s own knowledge; in the immediate future Robert is scheduled to begin teaching an alternative type of workshop that incorporates the many facets of glass working involved in the post-production phase.

Stagnation is the bane of creativity; much of Robert’s artistic drive is refreshed through constant travel.  He spends a large part of the year on the road, making connections with an extensive variety of artists and galleries.  Finding joy within his close community propels Robert to further his career in whichever direction it may take him.

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