Tags0414 - Mixed media -48x60 inches

Michael Shemchuk

“I describe my work as “a surface of navigation”, like a map. The paintings I produce are abstract landscapes of color, shapes, lines and textures related and synchronized to create their own rhythm. My work attempts to awaken the memories of color and light that are evident in all of us, and to inspire our sensibilities to have a dialog with these memories. Inspiration comes in the many environments I observe in the world.”

Michael Shemchuk’s abstract paintings navigate the painted surface through the emotion of color, line and texture. The overlay opens up a world that could be microscopic in nature, or simply a road map that reminds us of a landscape once visited.

His” Meridian” paintings are an ongoing series that explores specific longitudinal landscapes through the flora and fauna of a particular place. Color evokes the physical emotion of place, and the textural scratchings unearth compressed layers of time; a portrait of the natural world.

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In other abstracts, industrial shapes float on grids of distressed color. One is reminded of advertising styles from the 50’s, emoting a sense of comfortable nostalgia and a calm sense of order (amidst the chaos). Other paintings reflect an optimism, a lighthearted ramble of bright color and lyrical lines. The floating symbols take on their own language of happiness and seem to talk to one another, inviting us to enter and share their universe.

Shemchuk’s paintings travel through a variety of physical and emotional styles, but he always invites us in to share the dialogue.

Ebay Inc.
Rockwood Design
Endymion Systems
Francisco Partners
Wells Fargo
Neurert Design
Adobe Systems
Werner Design Group
Half Moon Bay Country Club
Hawkins Design Group
Lou Ann Bauer ASID
Borardus Group
Pacific Design Group
Health Management Solutions
Seveno Real Estate Group
Ted Boerner Inc.
Camino Medical

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