Claudia Meyer

“Nature and human made elements are my unlimited sources of inspiration. More than often, I deliberately proceed to establish a harmonious dialogue in between them. What I try to convey and accomplish is a sense of subliminal and uplifting dialog through colors, transparency and shapes.”


From a successful graphic designer emerged an artist, Claudia Meyer. While living in New York- this Swiss born independent- started to create her own art; a pivotal moment in her artistic development. She studied at the School of Visual Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated in textile design. She received numerous prizes for her work, which explored the border between design and painting. After her return to Europe, she devoted herself alongside commissions, to painting and the creation of objects d’art. Since then her art is regularly exhibited in Asia, Europe, The Middle East, The U.A.E and North America.

Claudia Meyer’s oeuvre is situated in the highly exciting field of tension between of the objective and abstract conceptions of painting. Each of her works reveals her effort to use everyday experiences as a basis for art and to find a language that can reflect these rapidly changing times esthetically through both form and content. Such esthetic consideration allows the formal structure of a work to take on quite different dimensions, as can be seen particularly in her three-dimensional artwork. Hence the work becomes a mirror not only of herself and society, but also of the attentive viewer of her work.

Meyer’s work can be found in art galleries, private and public collections, as well as in numerous artistic projects.


2000 Art & Antiques (Artist of the month-December)
2001 Early Career Retrospective Book (1990-2000)
2005 Catalog exhibition-solo Show “Aspen 2005”
2007 Hors Ligne & Paris Match magazine (France & Switzerland)
2008 Hors Ligne magazine (Switzerland)
Catalog exhibition-solo Show “Monographie”
2009 Coast magazine (California)
2011 Transfor-Motion Catalog
Harper’s Bazaar-Art Arabia
2012 Regards magazine (France)
2013 “52 minutes” Short Movie (Meyer’s “mid-career” Documentary)
Catalog “2013”

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